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Bridging Students With Overseas Universities

MMS is an official representative of 250+ universities and institutions of higher learning in the UK, Australia, NZ and more, which enables our study abroad consultants to:

Get latest info on admission process and scholarships
Provide 100% free student services including detailed personalised counselling and application submission
Follow up closely with university admission offices
Assist with visa application and accommodation
Guide students to prepare before going abroad
Bridging Students With Overseas Universities

Our Application Checklist

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University Application Checklist

Our students follow this checklist and get step-by-step support from MMS consultants, to ensure a smooth admission and visa approval within 2 months* from intake.

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    Course Details Validation

    When to start :

    As soon as possible with MMS consultants

    • Eligibility vs. entry requirements
    • Course structure and recognition
    • Intakes and submission deadlines
    • Applicable scholarships
    • Fee estimates
    • Affordability of living expenses

    Step 2

    University Application

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    University Application

    When to start :

    Once results are out; use forecast to get offers early

    • Application forms (incl. personal statements)
    • Credit transfer request
    • Reference letters
    • Supporting documents esp. Under 18s
    • Pre-submission review
    • Registration fee payment/waiver

    Step 3

    Offer Acceptance

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    Offer Acceptance

    When to start :

    Upon receiving offer letter

    • Offer letter review incl. scholarships
    • Fulfilment of conditional offers
    • Deadline extension of offers
    • Insurance purchase
    • Payment to accept offer
    • Follow-ups for Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

    Step 4

    Visa Application

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    Visa Application

    When to start :

    Upon issuance of CoE by university

    • Document preparation (even before CoE)
    • Authorised health check
    • Visa application form (25 pages)
    • Pre-submission review
    • Visa application payment
    • Biometrics collection

    Step 5

    Accommodation & Logistics Planning

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    Accommodation & Logistics Planning

    When to start :

    After offer acceptance; secure early for hot locations

    • Housing options
    • Accommodation booking
    • Flights
    • Arrival pick-up
    • Orientation
    • Class registration


    When should I start my application process?

    The ideal time for you to start your information gathering for application is 1 year before your intake.

    Here is why you should start applying to study in Australia earlier:

    • To secure the limited spots in university and not miss your intake period.
    • Get cheaper flights as compared to applying last minute.
    • Lock-in good strategic accommodation, as they are also limited.
    • It’s less stressful, and you can spend more time with loved ones before going off.

    How can study abroad consultants help me study in Australia?

    • They help ensure that you have the knowledge of the best study pathways.
    • They can provide you with an objective list of recommendations, preventing bias.
    • Study abroad consultants also help you with the nitty-gritty paperwork.
    • They help you avoid delays, as deadlines for Australia are strict.
    • Study abroad consultants provide you with extra insights you may not find online.
    • They are trained to offer you alternatives to reach your desired destination.
    • They can help review or recommend improvements for pre-application tests.

    What are the application steps to study in Australia?

    Pre Application Phase

    1. Decide on the course to study.
    2. Let your education consultant check for eligibility.
    3. They also help you prepare the necessary documents (transcripts, english results, certificates, etc).
    4. Submit and wait for your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

    Post Application Phase

    1. After receiving your CoE, pay the registration fees.
    2. Purchase your health insurance policy, assisted by your consultant.
    3. Medical checkups arranged by your consultant.
    4. Finally your visa application which involve various documents and requirements to fulfil.

    If this feels overwhelming, don't worry, our MMS consultants will guide you step by step.

    Do I have to take an English proficiency test to apply to study in Australia?

    As a Malaysian student you are required to submit results for an English Proficiency test as part of your application to a university in Australia. Here are the two most commonly taken tests and the scores needed to qualify in many universities in Australia, including the top ones.

    • IELTS : 6.5 overall or nothing less than 6.0
    • Pearson PTE : above 60

    Note that <u>some universities</u> may consider other proof of english proficiency as an alternative to the English Proficiency Test e.g. by showing that English was the medium of instruction for your current academic qualification.

    Consult with your study abroad consultant to find out more.

    Do I apply to universities directly or via an agent?

    You can apply directly to a university, but it is recommended that you engage with a study abroad consultant to apply.

    Each university and course will have different entry requirements, and to avoid mistakes when you apply, it’s better to be under the guidance of a trained consultant who will be able to assist you with the tedious application processes.

    Other reasons an education consultants help smoothen the process:

    • Leveraging on their experience in handling cases on a personalised basis.
    • Recommending the best pathway based on your unique preferences.
    • Consultants have direct contact with the university, providing you with more than just the basic information.