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    Study Costs

    Study Costs

    Estimated Costs in 8 States and Territories


    South Australia

    #3Australia’s Student City
    #5Most Affordable Student City

    This is an up and coming student city, and it is also well known for its friendliness. Brisbane offers a mix for students seeking a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyles. Despite being a young student city, it has an international student population of over 100 thousand.

    Monthly Living Costs in Brisbane


    AUD 800 - 2,500


    AUD 560 - 1,200


    AUD 200 - 650


    AUD 170 - 210


    ~ AUD 150

    Books & supplies
    Books & Supplies

    AUD 50 - 120

    Estimates subject to accommodation type and lifestyle

    Average Tuition Fee / Year

    Pre-U / Foundation

    AUD 25 - 31k

    Undergraduate Degree

    AUD 33.5 - 48k

    Postgraduate Degree

    AUD 37.5 - 48k

    Subject to university and course

    Top University in Brisbane

    MMS Study Abroad
    MMS Study Abroad

    QS#43AUS #6

    Degree fee / year
    AUD 48,610
    Universities in Brisbane

    Smaller Towns and Cities

    Outside Brisbane

    ~25%Cheaper than Brisbane
    9Universities in 17 Locations
    +5Bonus Points for Migration

    Distance from Brisbane

    The University of Queensland (UQ)

    Gatton1.1 hr, 85.3 km

    University of Southern Queensland (UNISQ)

    Toowoomba1.7 hr, 132 km
    Springfield0.5 hr, 32.9 km
    South East0.6 hr, 45.1 km

    Griffith University

    Gold Coast0.8 hr, 70.8 km
    Logan0.4 hr, 27.6 km

    James Cook University (JCU)

    Townsville (City)15.0 hr, 1362 km
    Townsville (Bebegu Yumba)15.0 hr, 1362 km

    Bond University

    Gold Coast1 hr, 87.1 km

    Southern Cross University (SCU)

    Gold Coast1.2 hr, 103 km

    University of the Sunshine Coast (UNISC)

    Sunshine Coast1.2 hr, 104 km
    Harvey Bay3.5 hr, 302 km
    Moreton Bay0.5 hr, 29.3 km
    Caboolture0.8 hr, 61 km
    Gympie2 hr, 182 km

    Torrens University

    Gold Coast1.4 hr, 73.3km

    Central Queensland University (CQU)

    Rockhampton7.3 hr, 652 km
    Townsville15.0 hr, 1,362 km
    Cairns7.6 hr, 650 km
    Mackay19.0 hr, 1,708 km
    Bundaberg4.1 hr, 368 km
    Gladstone6 hr, 545 km
    Emerald9.5 hr, 834 km
    All Universities in South Australia

    More About South Australia

    Quick facts
    Quick Facts
    • 13 Universities
    • 93k+ International Student
    Postgraduate study
    Postgraduate Study

    Queensland actively promotes PhD and research work, with the government investing $180 million over 4 years through the Advance Queensland program to generate knowledge-based jobs.

    The state's universities offer endless opportunities for post-graduate research in a wide range of disciplines, from marine studies on the Great Barrier Reef to immunological innovations undertaken in laboratories across Brisbane. Students are welcome to live and study with renowned academics, innovative industries and talented peers.

    Key industry
    Key Industry

    Key industries include agriculture & foresty, mining, energy, tourism, sport, logistics & many more.

    Post-study work opportunity
    Post-study Work Opportunity

    Queensland offers numerous advantages for international students and migrants, including a safe and stable environment and a strong economy. The state's growth market include tourism, agriculture, resources, construction, education plus an emerging research and bio-industries sector.


    How much does it cost to study in Australia?

    A year in Australia can cost you approximately AUD 55,000 to AUD 100,000 per year. However, this will vary depending on the university, course, accommodation and lifestyle you want to have.

    What are some of the budget-friendly universities in Australia?

    UniversityLocal QS RankAnnual Tuition Fees for Degree
    Curtin University14AUD 30,600 - 41,000
    Queensland University of Technology (QUT)15AUD 32,400 - 41,000
    Western Sydney University (WSU)22AUD 29,000 - 36,500
    Charles Darwin University31AUD 27,100 - 37,100
    Federation University AustraliaN/AAUD 23,400 - 30,400

    What are the available scholarships for international students in Australia?

    International students typically are able to enjoy up to 25% in partial scholarship depending on your exam results. There are also scholarships given out by the Australian Government, however, competition to secure these limited scholarships is high.

    How do I apply for scholarships in Australia?

    When you apply for your course, you can apply for your scholarship at the same time, through an education consultant agency such as MMS.

    What should I include in my budget when I study in Australia?

    The major cost components fall under these categories:

    1. Course expenses: tuition fees, amenities fees, student support fees and study materials.
    2. Accommodation: rent and utility bills
    3. Living expenses: food, transportation, phone bills, internet etc.
    4. Entertainment: expenses to enhance your study abroad experience such as travelling.
    5. Miscellaneous: one-off or unexpected spending.